A microorganism (from the Greek: μικρός, mikros, "small" and ὀργανισμός, organismós, "organism") is a microscopic living organism, which may be single celled or multicellular. The study of microorganisms is called microbiology, a subject that originated with the discovery of microorganisms in 1674 by Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, using his specially designed microscope.


Microorganisms are very diverse and include all bacterial, archaean and most of the protozoan species on Earth. This group also contains some species of fungi, algae, and certain animals, such as rotifers. Many macroscopic animals and plants have microscopic juvenile stages. Some microbiologists also classify viruses (and viroids) as microorganisms, but others consider these as nonliving.


Microorganisms live in all parts of the biosphere, including soil, hot springs, "seven miles deep" in the ocean, "40 miles high" in the atmosphere and inside rocks far down within the Earth's crust (see also endolith).


Microorganisms, under certain test conditions, have been observed to thrive in the vacuum of outer space. The total amount of soil and subsurface bacterial carbon is estimated as 5 x 1017 g, or the "weight of the United Kingdom".


The mass of prokaryote microorganisms — iincluding bacteria and archaea, but not the nucleated eukaryote microorganisms — may be as much as 0.8 trillion tons of carbon (of the total biosphere mass, estimated at between 1 and 4 trillion tons). On mmarch 17, 2013, researchers reported data that suggested microbial life forms thrive in the Mariana Trench. the deepest spot in the Earth's oceans. Other researchers reported related studies that microorganisms thrive inside rocks up to 580 m (1,900 ft; 0.36 mi) below the sea floor under 2,590 m (8,500 ft; 1.61 mi) of ocean off the coast of the northwestern United States, as well as 2,400 m (7,900 ft; 1.5 mi) beneath the seabed off Japan. On 20 August 2014, scientists confirmed the existence of microorganisms living 800 m (2,600 ft; 0.50 mi) below the ice of Antarctica. According to one researcher, "You can find microbes everywhere — they're extremely adaptable to conditions, and survive wherever they are."


Microorganisms are essential to nutrient recycling in ecosystems because they act as decomposers. Since some microorganisms can fix nitrogen, they are a vital part of the nitrogen cycle, and recent studies indicate that airborne microorganisms may play a role in precipitation and weather. Microorganisms are also exploited in biotechnology, both in traditional food and beverage preparation, and in modern technologies based on genetic engineering. A small proportion of microorganisms are pathogenic and cause disease and even death in plants and animals. Microorganisms are often referred to as microbes, but this is usually used in reference to pathogens.

Dehumidifiers convert moisture in the air into water to be redistributed somewhere else. Usually dehumidifiers are basic household appliances that reduces the humidity in the air for health or comfort purposes. Additionally, dehumidifiers may be used to eliminate musty odors. However, larger dehumidifiers are sometimes used in commercial buildings such as indoor ice rinks to regulate humidity levels.  After a flood, specially designed units are needed to extract multiple gallons of moisture from the environment. The liquid is then channeled through drainage tubes and deposited at elsewhere.

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Dehumidifier Rental Company near me in North Decatur

Free Water Extraction*

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Residents of North Decatur can now use their do-it-yourself skills for drying out carpet and hardwood floors, crawlspaces, and areas damaged from a completely flooded basement.


Squishy carpet can build up a musty smell really fast.  The padding beneath is like a huge sponge which holds as much as a quart of water for every square foot. So you will definitely also need fans while using a dehumidifier.  Fans "push" the moisture into the air while the dehumidifier remove it from the air. Without the right number of fans to saturate the air with moisture, dehumidifiers won't be able to effectively remove moisture from the air.

But wait! Back up one step. If your basement has flooded, as much of the the excess water needs to be removed. In our industry, this is called extraction. It is the process where we use specialized tools and equipment to suck excess water from wood floors, wet carpet and padding, and just plain old standing water. The tighter a towel is wrung out before placing in the dryer, the better it dries. The same principle applies to wet carpet and padding before we begin drying them.


Did you know that unfinished basements that had a flooding or water damage problem still need to be dried out.  Here's why. Water is always trying to make things wet that are already dry - event concrete and bare bones framing in a North Decatur basement!


What could happen if a basement is not dried out fast?


Dreaded microbes (microorganisms) love moist and warm places to begin their multiplication. You just expereinced water damage and those microbes have instantly begun to grow. Our job is to prevent this from happening.  



What are the procedures to dryout a space after sewage damage?


After thorough decontamination procedures and a plant-based antimicrobial has been applied, drying structure can begin.


Who to call if my basement floods? Companies that rent dehumidifiers near me?


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Dehumidifier Rental Company near me in North Decatur

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* Free water extraction is valid with a three day minimum dehumidifier rental.  We reserve the right to bill insurance company for any work deemed as free should our services become an insurance claim where we have not settled out of pocket with you.  Our first objective is for you to carefully evaluate your decision to file an insurance claim.